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The Secrets of Time
  by Janet Coursey


This is the story of a women faced with the reality of coming to grips with the mistakes she has made in life after the death of her husband. One day by accident, in a fit of anger, she hits the grandfather clock that has been in the family for 148 years. Having hit the clock in her despair, a secret compartment opens on the clock and a letter falls out. Thus begins her journey. This is just one of many secrets the grandfather clock holds. 

Everyone has a secret, but few will ever be told. Sara has found that writing her secrets down on paper, then placing them inside the Grandfather clock, is a way to reveal to future generations the secrets she was afraid to tell those in the present; especially those with tender hearts, just as generations before her had done.

Meet the Dobson's, a small town family living in the township of Rose, North Carolina, USA; a Norman Rockwell kind of town. However, among this family there are so many lies, deceptions, and secrets, it’s hard to believe there could be a happy ending.

Here are the main characters and an excerpt about each:

Sara Dobson – a Mother and Grandmother.

But right now, right at this moment, James, too, was not on her mind. The rush of emotions she was now feeling didn’t even leave room for Betty. She could not believe how much she wanted David to make love to her. Make the kind of passionate, forbidding love that one reads about in books. The strong, yet gentle hold he had on her was something she had dreamed of for years.

Karen Dobson Collins - Sara’s eldest child.

“Oh, I can’t believe this; I actually got here on time for once.” Karen says, and Sara knows she is looking at the Grandfather clock. “Hey Granddad, what’s up?”

Kevin Dobson - Sara’s only son.

“Peter, Peter, are you okay?” Kevin jumps on the first step leading into the camper, and rushes to the back. He finds Peter face down on the bed, not moving. Kevin quickly flips him over and grabs his face.

 “Oh my God, Peter! Peter, answer me!” Kevin screamed; his voice nearly a shrill with fear. 

Katherine Dobson (Katie) - Sara’s youngest child.

“Mom, what part of ‘I’m not saying anymore’ did you not understand? Besides, he doesn’t even know I’m alive. But I’m working on changing that right after graduation.” 


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