The Secrets of Time
  by Janet Coursey

Thank you all from the bottom to the top of my heart!

This is such an exciting time in my life. My first book published, my second book is being edited and I have met so many wonderful people that helped guide me on my way as well as supported my efforts. First I must thank Joyce McKee, Joyce encouraged me to go the distance and publish my work. John Long (a wonderful author himself and friend) helped me get the ball rolling by introducing me to James Kelly (another wonderful author and radio host). James’s radio show, "Aspects of Writing," helps new writers learn the ins and outs of writing, publishing and promoting their work. After working with James for a few months, he made me a regular on his show. “Mentoring Jan” was the name of the segment of the show, where James would interview my editor, Dana Micheli (Writers in the Sky) and me regarding how the book was coming. Then James asked Dana and me to Co-Host and at times, Host the radio show. James introduced me to Eric Bowman (, who has a funding sight where new authors, myself included,  can receive funding for their book to help pay for editing, PR, and printing of their work.  From the show I also met a fantastic gentleman, Travis Shortt. Travis is with Aspyr Communications and will be handling all of my PR work.

Then there are the wonderful friends that read my book and gave me great suggestions; Christine Kramer, Norma Stewart, and LaDonna Ulrich.

However, I have saved the best for last - the people who have contributed to my funding site and provided the inspiration I needed to follow through in order to give them the best book they will read this summer.

So, a special Thank You to, Douglas Mudge (my nephew and hero), Terry Lowery (brother–in-law), Glenda Smith (my Angel on my shoulder), Terri Mudge (the best daughter any Aunt ever had), Harry Harden  (Sonic Automotive, my life savers), Peggy Wood (The Best Sister in the World), Kevin Schmidt (happy for this new friend),  Kim Bush (Wonderful new niece by marriage), Sandra Sierra (Wonderful friend and Author with whom I share a birthday).

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