The Secrets of Time
  by Janet Coursey
Meet the Author


I was born in Riverside, California and at one year old my family re-located to Des Moines, Iowa. At age seven we returned to Riverside. However, when I was a teenager we moved to Chula Vista, California, where I spent my teenage years. At seventeen, I married and moved to Eaton Town, New Jersey. At nineteen I divorced. Three months later my sister-in-law passed away and I became the guardian of my three year old niece and nine year old nephew. At twenty-one, I met and married my second husband, Bill. We have been married now for thirty-nine years. Together we helped raise my niece and nephew, as well as a few others that came our way. I had been the store manager of the Valley Feed and Western Wear in Fontana, California, plus my husband and I raised, broke and trained cutting quarter horses. This set the stage for Bill and me to buy a business. In 1989, we took a chance and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada with the idea of buying a feed store. However, as life often dictates, our plans changed. I discovered I was pregnant with our first and only child, Kelley, so after our relocation we decided to forgo the store.

Our daughter, Kelley, loved books from a very early age. I found myself reading to her day and night. By the time Kelley learned to read on her own, I became hooked on books, too. Go figure.

We continue to live in Las Vegas where I am a social media specialist for a major car company; I write blurbs for the company’s online newsletter. In addition, every other Tuesday, I co-host the radio talk show “Aspects of Writing” along with the show’s host, James Kelly, and fellow co-host, Dana Micheli. I have currently authored two books. My first novel, The Secrets of Time, will be available very soon. My second book I hope to have ready for publication by the end of this year. I am also working on the third book in this series.

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