The Secrets of Time
  by Janet Coursey

with Host, James Kelly  
      LIVE ON KLAV 12.30AM RADIO          

On Sept 11, 2012 I made my first appearance on KLAV 12.30am radio, the Aspects of Writing Show, hosted by James Kelly.  I was supposed to appear on the show for eight airings. But by the fourth show James asked if I would consider being a Co-Host on the show. I was having so much fun and learning so much, meeting so many wonderful authors, that there was no way I was going to turn him down. So here I am, seven months later, co-hosting along with Dana Micheli. James has even allowed me to host the show twice.   So I guess that makes me a radio Host and co-Host.

I am an author with one book completed and ready for you to enjoy. My second book is in the process of being edited.                             

On your computer you can listen to the show at, every other Tuesday at 2:00pm (PST), or listen to us live on your radio at 12.30 am on the dial in Las Vegas, Nevada. Each show is recorded and then uploaded to YouTube the day of the broadcast.

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